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A child’s early, formative years, from kindergarten through senior high school, are vital. We seek to introduce our children to Jesus, the Bible, spiritual discipleship, and selfless ministry to others. We do that in a caring and secure environment. The goal is for our students to know they are welcome, safe, and loved.

During elementary school, we introduce students to the story of the Bible, Jesus, humanity’s problem with sin, and the offer of salvation found in the gospel. In addition, we help them learn how a believer lives as a disciple of Jesus.


Ages: 6mo – 12 years

Sunday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Leader: Christina Crowder and Debbie Hunter

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Our middle and high school ministry builds upon that foundation and provides instruction and opportunities to serve in ministry and mission with the church. We provide the tools needed to grow as a disciple and impact the world for Christ. 

But, it’s not all classroom study. The students have fun along the way. Youth camps, retreats, mission trips, fellowships, and other activities provide them with opportunities to have fun in a safe, healthy environment. 


Ages: 13 years – 17 years

Sunday 9:30 am – 10:30 am Wednesday 6:30 pm

Leader: Toby Heimbach

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